instrument/JTree project homepage

It's early days yet, so you won't find much here beyond a short description of the project and the raw files associated with it.

Project description

instrument/JTree provides a library aimed at adding a number of often wanted features to your JTree instances. If you ever wondered why it's so difficult to add drag and drop to trees, or how you could add tree restructuring, or what you could do to add undo/redo, then instrument/JTree may be just what you've been waiting for. It is the intention of the project to offer as many useful features as we can so that developers can painlessly add very sophisticated trees to their Swing GUIs.


At this time, only the generated Javadoc is available. There is a lot of information there though and while a tutorial or quick-start guide is sorely missed, it should give you a pretty good idea what this library is all about. The best place to start is by checking out the Instrumenter class. Javadoc link

Source code

The current development source is available in the CVS repository


The instrument/JTree library is made available under a BSD License. The full text is here.


The first binary release is ready. You will find it in the SourceForge file section. Note that for some of the features, you will also need the JDOM library, which can be found here. Follow its installation instructions and you will also get Xerces and JAXP, which you will need for these features.

The library is quite usable as it is, so feel free to plug it into your application and experiment with it.

Mailing lists

Announcements of interest to users of the library will be sent to this list.
Discussion forum for users of the instrument/JTree library.
This list is for people developing the instrument/JTree library.